Special Programs


Vaping:  Due to the surge in usage of electronic cigarettes and vaping devices, The SFCCP has partnered with Missouri Prevention Consultants and ACT Missouri to provide information on the hazards of using and/or abusing these devices. There is a vast amount of misinformation that is being given to not just adults, but to our children as well.  Initially marketed as "quit-smoking" aids, in many cases, they have become merely an alternative nicotine delivery system replacing tobacco cigarettes.  Also they may also be used to deliver illicit substances into the body.  The double-sided postcards below are one the first parts of this information campaign, which were sent to all households with 9th graders in St. Francois County to assist them in a discussion of vaping with their children.  
Underage Drinking:  St. Francois County Community Partnership, in cooperation with the five school disctricts of St. Francois Coutny, engaged in a prevention program targeted to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade school children to discuss and present materials and programs to raise awareness of underage drinking.  The program was made possible through two grants from The Department of Mental Health.  School assemblies, media ads, radio broadcast statements, student slogan contests, and student surveys were conducted to raise public awareness.
Substance Abuse:  The St. Francois County Community Partnership received a grant through ACT Missouri, funded by the Misouri Department of Mental Health, Substance Abuse Division.  The project addresses prescription and over-the-counter drug abuse prevention.  The target audience is middle school students.  Data related to St. Francois County denotes a serious problem in this age group. 
Marijuana Impact:  In light of the recent attention and controversy surrounding the discussion of marijuana legalization, The Partnership would like to make available some resources that may be useful.  Click on the following links to access these resourceses.
Youth Suicide Prevention Initiative:  Suicide is the third leading cause of death for youth ages 15-24 and ranks among the top four leading causes of death for Missourians between the ages of 10 and 54.  Missouri ranks 17th in the nation in its rate of reported suicides.  St. Francois County Community Partnership is approved as a Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program, which is a nationally recognized program that distributes Yellow Ribbon cards with listed information on how to access help for those at risk.  SFCCP also has available packets of information to anyone interested on resources in the area to turn to, hotline numbers, risk factors, signs and symptoms, and other helpful information.  SFCCP has also raised awareness of youth suicide prevention through assistance with school assemblies and newspaper and radio ads.
Project Sunlight:  Project Sunlight - Ending the Cycle is a program whose mission is to raise awareness of child abuse and neglect in St. Francois County, to facilitate community initiatives aimed at prevention, and to coordinate resources so assistance is readily accessible for those who need it. 
Children's Trust Fund License Plate Program:  St. Francois County Community Partnership (SFCCP) is the very proud recipient of funds donated for the Children's Trust Fund License Plate Program in St. Francois County.  SFCCP uses these funds for programs such as Project Sunlight, Youth Suicide Prevention Initiative, Underage Drinking, and Bullying Prevention.  You can help prevent child abuse in St. Francois County by proudly displaying the official Children's Trust Fund license plate on your vehicle.  For the information on how to begin this process, click HERE and indicate that you would like your donation of $25 to be designated to St. Francois County Community Partnership and we will receive 100% of that donation.  If it is not designated, SFCCP will still receive 75% of that donation once processed by the State.  You may also make a contribution by sending a check or money order to:  Children's Trust Fund, P.O. Box 1641, Jefferson City, MO  65102-1641 and designate funds to SFCCP.  In addition, you may choose to donate when filing your annual taxes with the State.  For more information, or to donate online, log onto their website at www.ctf4kids.org